Friday, November 2, 2007

A Couple of Firsts

Finn had his first Trunk-or-Treat this past month as well as his very first birthday! Crazy that it has already been one year. He is loving this little walker/car thing and used it to make the rounds for candy. Luckily, he doesn't understand the whole Halloween thing so wasn't too upset when we didn't let anybody give him treats. Grandma Kris was in town to help out over the weekend and party with us. She did a great job of spoiling Finn (and us) and she was a good sport about Finn waking her up in the mornings by crawling on her face. Finn's 1st birthday went well. We will post some video of the cake event later. He got lots of fun stuff that makes lot of fun noises. We can't seem to get all the music out of our heads- The Learning Guitar song, the Farmer Tad and His Banjo Song, the car noises, Mowing Grass song, etc.....


Grandma Kris

We got the gorilla to smile, but Finn was too distracted.

The booty.

Getting ready to trash the place.

Josh teaching Finn how to open presents.