Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goodbye Ogden....Hello Richfield!

Our last month has been jammed packed.  We have packed up, moved, partied in Mexico, fished at Fish Lake, celebrated birthdays, celebrated the 4th and 24th of July all within the last 30 days.  It was madness!  We are now Richfield people.  Four days after we moved in we went on a graduation trip to Playa Del Carmen with two of Jesse's fellow residents.  Lindy was a nervous wreck for weeks leading up to the trip about leaving here babies.  Once we arrived in Mexico she only had a couple meltdowns and survived the rest of the trip quite well.  We are so glad that we were able to get away to such a beautiful place and with some amazing company.  We had such a great time and dreading the reality of getting back to work once we got home.

This was the last night in our Ogden house.  Finn and Lark were paying their last respects to Finn's cardboard house.   Lindy was off crying somewhere because she wanted to bring it to Richfield with us.  The house had Finn's measurements and little hand prints on it.   

Our lovely room in Mexico.
This is the beautiful view from our balcony at Secrets Maroma.

Going out to dinner with our residency friends: Franz, Carissa, Aaron and Ann.

Bed-sharing in the lobby.

We rented scooters for the day and toured the whole island of Cozumel.  Lindy had to have her very own scooter, and about crashed the first five minutes!

Self portrait while cruising.
Scooting in style with the crew.  This was one of the best things we did on the trip.  So fun.

We would stop and scuba all along the coast of Cozumel.  This was one of the stops.

Stopping for a coke break .

Lindy saw this trampoline at our resort and due to weather it was closed everyday.  Finally the day before we left it was open and she was in heaven.

Lindy doing a back flip.

Jesse gave it a try for the first time and showed Lindy up by doing a double back flip.  We think his extra weight got him bouncing higher.


Carissa doing some tricks.

The beach at our resort.

Pool sharks.  This game actually lasted about an hour. 

Doubles pong, waiting for the pool sharks.

After Mexico, we came back to Richfield for one day, did the laundry, then headed to Fish Lake for a family reunion with Jesse's family.  Thanks Neil and Beck for the wild times.

Our first fishing outing we emptied the lake of fish.

Finn was such a good fisherman, he caught these two.  He was loving it.

Lark was obsessed with touching the fishies.  Her mother is disgusted at this.

Jesse giving his fish a little smooch!
 After Fish Lake, we came back to Richfield and finished unpacking.  We are having a pretty good time here so far.  Lots of nice people and a little slower than we are used to.  Jesse thinks Richfield is going to be the future of Utah-- very desirable in his opinion.

We hit up the Monroe fireworks with Grandma Diane for pioneer day.

Bowling in Richfield is cool.  You have to know how to keep your own score so it is easier to cheat.

Cute babies.

Becky turned the big 60 this year and the family threw her a surprise birthday party back in Riverton.

Becky being surprised....don't mind Lindy's big butt in the way.

This was Finn's new favorite toy at the new place since his were all packed up for a couple of weeks!

Enjoying Richfield's fireworks from our front porch.  It is the best firework show we have ever seen.  After the city fireworks ended our surrounding neighbors went crazy with all the newly legal aerials.  We are big fans. 


Not staged at all.  We always smile like this.

Grandma Kris came for a visit and she had to have a picture with Finn...

and her girls.  Jesse is really sad and hurt that she didn't want a picture with him too.

A picture of our  living room in our house rental.

Our lovely kitchen that Lindy slaves away preparing take out dinners in!

This is our house in Richfield.  Come visit.

Finn and Lark's favorite place inside.

Finn and Lark's favorite place outside.
 All in all, things are well.  A little crazy, but well.  Let us know when you would like to move down to Richfield too and we can help you get things going.  XOXOXO.