Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time is flying and Happy New year!

I am such a slacker these days when it comes to my blog. Two months have gone by and there has been so much going on that I feel a little defeated on where to begin and what to add in the short amount of time that I actually have to play on the computer. Here are some of the things that have been going on: The first thing is our little Finn is officially potty trained, and was amazing at it. It was one day and he only had one accident and has bee fine ever since. He goes to the potty all by himself and we just couldn't be happier. We have had a wonderful time during the holidays spending time with friends and family. Finn was so sweet during Christmas and it was so much fun this year to watch him open presents. Lark was awake long enough to watch the presents get opened and then fell fast asleep again! Lindy's mom slept over to wake up on Christmas morning with us which was very nice. We blessed our lady Lark, who is doing amazing. She is sleeping, eating and pooping...what more can parents ask for! Lindy celebrated a birthday and is now in the last year of her twenties! Jesse is slaving away at work (the story of his life) and is getting ready for a trip to Haiti coming up in February. I think that is about it for the Spencer fam. Get ready for the marathon of pictures!

My cousin took these next two pictures of Lark when she was 2 1/2 weeks old, and I am just now posting them. They are so sweet. I love them. Thanks Brandee!

My cousin Brandee also took our family photos the end of October so these next few are from that!

This is Finn's "Grinch" face. I love it. It is so cute and funny.

Daddy and lark gazing at the Christmas tree.

Getting Lark ready for her big day... Her blessing!

What a beautiful baby we have. Lark Carolin Spencer

Happy Family.

Finn showing off his new totally awesome undies! and his sexy bod!

Finn giving his sister some love (which he does ALL of the time!)

We went to the lights at Temple Square. It is always a beautiful sight.

I always have to show sleeping baby pictures because I love them and I think that there is nothing sweeter!

Lark and her favorite Aunt Trina at the Christmas Eve party down in Payson. Don't you love the matching shirts.

Larky and Santy Clause.

Finn and Santa.

The Angus Family Christmas Party.

Waking up on Christmas morning.

Finn was so excited.

We are loving the double chins going on!

Grandma Kris.

The kiddies in their Christmas Jammie's from Grandma Becky!

I was not going to wake Lark up so she just stayed in her clothes.

Lark and her Auntie Rachel

Finn and Kennedy having more fun with the wrapping paper than the presents!

Finn opening presents at Grandma Becky's house.

Our sweet little Lark