Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finn-Diego is 2

Our little boy has just turned 2 on Wednesday October 29th. We can hardly believe it. Here is Finn’s latest and greatest! Finn is the King of the house for sure. His favorite hobbies include dancing (including a sweet break-dancing move), singing, watching movies, tub-time, running down hills, throwing rocks, pointing at pumpkins, just regular boy stuff. His attention span is about 20 seconds max. His favorite naughty things are not eating, he has started to hit (a habit we believe was picked up during church at nursery), hitting his mom and aiming for the face, crayons on the wall, saying “stop” when we try to make him be nice, mini temper tantrums, wrinkling his eyebrow when he doesn’t get his way, screaming bloody murder when we try to brush his teeth, badness at church, etc… It is hard to imagine life without him. He is such a fun little squirt and he definitely keeps things lively around here. He is a runt- genetics we think. He doesn’t eat much but we think he is getting enough- he is still making poops in his diaper every single day. He has learned to shake his shoulders when we say “shimmy”. His favorite toy is a wooden pumpkin that is a yard decoration that we bought from a craft store. He likes to hit the walls with it. He loves to listen to the “High School Musical Soundtrack” when he is in the car. He loves going for little hikes around Ogden. His animal noises are tough to beat- especially his tongue flap for the giraffe and grunting for the rhinos. He loves the zoo. He thinks belly buttons are funny to touch. His fake laugh is hilarious. He puts his shoes on by balancing with his arms and head on the floor. If he had his pick, he would wear his snowman pajamas every night. He is our pride and joy and it is crazy how one little person can change your life. He has been a major pain at times, but we wouldn’t change him for the world. We love you Finn!

Your very first photo. The day Finn was born

The day we brought Finn home from the Hospital.

One of my favorite pictures of Finn

What a stinking cute baby!

Our Finners today... still as cute as ever.
We love our Finn-Diego.