Thursday, June 23, 2011

Graduating and Growing Up.

Our poor blog is definitely on the back burner these days.  Things have been a little crazy lately, between trying to find a house down in Richfield (which has been the biggest headache ever) and wrestling two boogers-for-kids.  Finn graduated from preschool and Jesse finally graduated from residency.  With Jesse graduating, it has brought on new stresses like actually having to officially grow up now.  He is no longer a student after 11 years and has to find a real job.  We are moving in a few days- which is crazy- and beginning the next phase in our lives!  We are all healthy and happy.  We are also getting ready to buy us some guns and four-wheelers so as to fit in in Richfield. 

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to!

We went to Chuck E Cheese with Ann and Dax.  The boys had a great time and Lark I am not so sure.
We went to dinner with my mom and Grandpa.
Finn at his field trip.  They went to Staker and Parson Company.   They learned how to make cement and got to sit in one of the big trucks. It was actually really fun.
Finn and his future wife Lily.
Finn attempting to climb the rock wall like spiderman... he said that it was fun, but that he didn't want to do that ever again!

Cute babies.....
Crazy babies!!!

The annual Easter egg coloring contest at the Spencer house. 
The Spencer family
Papa Neil helping Lark with her egg.

Lark was a pro at finding the eggs and putting them in her basket, breaking every single one.
The kids.
Lark keeping her eye on the prize!
Cousin Abram showing off his mad dancing skills!
After the Easter egg festivities we walked over to the High School and had some races.
Jesse and Nate trying to see who could have a heart attack first.
Neil taking the ladies for a spin.
Maela and Lark.  BFF's forever!
Lark loves putting on hats.
Finn and Lark on Easter Sunday. 

Aren't they so sweet.
Grandma Becky bought Finn the teepee, and Finn insisted on taking his nap in it.  Whatever works, right...?

Finn sitting next to Lily at preschool graduation.

He did a really good job and enjoyed being in the spotlight!
With his certificate and other treasures.
Lily and Finn.
Finn and his teacher Miss Jennie.
Finn showing off what he got for graduation.
Movie tickets from his Grandma Kris.
Jesse and I just celebrated our 9 year wedding Anniversary.  We went as a family to spend a couple of nights down in SLC.  It was great.  We went to a movie, a Bee's game, and did some shopping.  This is the kiddies at Gateway.

Lark's "cheese" face.
Jesse, Chuck, and Aaron doing some entertaining at the graduation.
Ben showed them up very nicely!
Jesse's moment in the spotlight and receiving his certificate.
The 6 graduating residents.

All the residents with their spouses.
The fellas.