Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally updating our blog!

I can't believe how summer has already come and almost gone. Time goes by way too fast and the thought of winter quickly approaching makes me want to puke. I am seriously toying with the idea of moving to St. George. Things in our house have been great. I have healthy, happy babies. What more can you ask for? Our days consist of lying around the house in our pajamas until about 11:00, we get ready for the day, hit up the old McDonald's, play around a little, then the all-important nap time. This is Lindy's time to catch up on all her smut TV. Without her "my time", Lindy turns into an automatic beast so this is a very crucial part of her day! Sadly, the lazy days of summer are coming to a close. Finn is getting ready to start preschool, which means a possible end to nap time for him. I took him to his first day of preschool today to meet the teacher and do a little activity. I got to stay there with him the whole time. His teacher is great and so cute. After we left I bawled my eyes out for about ten minutes then was finally able to control myself. I am going to be a nervous wreck when Tuesday comes around- Finn's first first official day when I just have to drop him off and drive away. I am going to be a freaking mess. The thought of kindergarten?!? I am going to have to have Jesse sedate me or something... Seriously. In other kid news, Lark is just as happy as can be all the time. She eats, she sleeps, and she poops. She is just starting to cruise a little and the days of two-footed travel are near. Summer travel has been good to us. We were able to go to Glenwood Springs, Colorado in July for Jesse's family getaway. The trip started off in lovely Green River, Utah where we spent a night at the Roosters Roost or somthing like that- the biggest dump hole hotel ever. We spent the night there because more than half of us were riding the train to Colorado way early the next morning while the rest of us drove the cars. Finn loved the train and Larky is always happy so I am pretty sure she didn't mind the train at all. It was so nice to get away for a few days and it was so beautiful up there. While we were there we celebrated Jesse's parents 40th anniversary, went bike riding, did a little hiking, went swimming, and just played around. It was amazing. Thank you Neil and Becky for a great trip. My mom also sent us on a little trip to Park City a few weeks later. We stayed at The Canyons Resort and all I have to show for that is one picture. I am so lame. It was so much fun to spend time with my mom. The kids played at the pool, we did some shopping, ate out, and mostly just hung. Thank you mom- it was wonderful. In between trips, our summer time has been spent doing the regular- farting around, eating out too often, going for lots of walks and the like. We were able to squeeze in family night bowling and made it to the obligatory yearly Ogden Raptors game. That pretty much sums up our exciting summer. Now we are getting ready to head to Payson for our annual Labor Day craziness. In a couple weeks we have a work retreat for Jesse at Sundance and in two weeks my baby is turning 1. Can you believe that? Because I can’t. Get ready for a heap load of pictures!

The kiddies getting ready for the Amtrak train.

Maggie and Lark on the train, just about to get ticketed from the awesome conductor.

Trying to stay busy while chugging through the desert.

Finn's weird smile and Neil with Lark in the viewing car of the train.

Larky falling asleep on the soothing train ride.

We went to a band concert in Glennwood and felt pretty happening!

Ava and Finn dancing at the concert with the middle-aged hippies.

Throwing rocks in the Colorado River.

Our handsome dude getting ready for the bike ride.

Finn and Lark enjoying each others company on the ride.

Some of the crew along the Colorado.

Stopping for lunch and getting a bum change.

Jesse and his sexiness!

Finn and Ava going for a stroll downtown Glenwood.

Finn enjoying some root beer in "the Springs."

Exploring Glenwood's huge cave.

Finn and his cute cousins overlooking Glenwood.

Inside the fanciest, spikiest cave room.

Finn and his favorite Aunt Jodi.

Me, Jesse, Doug and Rachel decided to go on this slingshot ride on the top of the mountain. CRAZY!

It was awesome. We all survived except for Lindy's shorts- she peed a little.

Grandma Becky, Finn, and Ava doing a little mining for gems and fossils.

The hot babes cooling down in the water.

Lindy and Larky were not quite awake yet!

Daddy and his little sweet pea!

The whole Spencer family celebrating 40 years of bliss.

Our whole family at Buffalo Bill's grave at sundown.

My Grandpa built this boat. It is amazing and I am so proud of him. I especially love what he named it!

Isn't that the sweetest picture?

At the Ogden Raptors game, Jesse teasing Larky with some tasty Red Vines.

Me, Teeny, and Rachel went to go see Step up 3D on opening night. It was worth every penny!

Finn and Lark enjoying some lovely weather and the biggest piece of crap pool ever. As long as they are having fun, I guess that is all that matters.

Our lovely Lark.

Our Park City trip. Braxton, Finn, and Kennedy playing some games in their jammers.

Bowling for family night is always a good time.

We just got Finn his costume for Halloween and if you can't tell, he is going to be Spider Man. He wears his costume everyday and wants to sleep in it. I told him that he can't sleep in it because he gets too hot. This is what I found when I went to check on him!