Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggs and destinations...

Happy Easter everybody!

This has been quite the exciting week for our little family. On Thursday, the wait for Match Day was finally over. For anybody familiar with the process, you know that there was a lot of belly-aching and sleepless nights leading up to the date. Anyhow, we found out where we will be for the next three years as Jesse does his family medicine residency. And the winner is:

We are really excited to be going back to Utah and getting much closer to our families (with a little cushion still). His residency starts in mid-June so we will be moving shortly. It is a little bittersweet though because we have really loved Denver and the friends that we have met here.

This is at match day. It is a big fancy event with the media there and tension that you could cut through as all the students wait to find out where they will be headed off to.

Today we took Finn to his first egg hunt ever at the park across the street. It was absolutely bananas. There were 3000 eggs spread over an acre and once the hunt started, they were gone in 30 seconds (at most). Finn ended up with three eggs which we feel like was a huge success. His loot was a single Starburst, a mini Hershey's bar, and a mini Mr. Goodbar. Not bad at all. He mostly enjoyed being part of the scene there at the park with the rest of the little kiddies. We did a few minutes of training at home just before the hunt so he had a pretty good idea what to do. He also gets a little head start as seen in the video below. If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin':

This was taken before the hunt started. We thought about claiming this tree but then remembered that this is a favorite place to walk dogs and this tree has gallons of doggie pee on it. So, we headed for the open spaces instead.

Finn checking out the booty. His trick-or-treat basket doubles nicely as an Easter egg basket.

Trying to figure out where the chocolate went. It was in dad's tummy.

After the big hunt, we went home and colored some eggs of our own. We miss the annual event at Neil and Becky's. Half of these we made for our friends Mark, Jenny, Josh, and baby-girl (due Thursday). He matched into the surgery program at the University of Utah (wahoo!!) and today is her birthday.

Our favorite eggs

This was cute until he started throwing them.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Moab...

Here are a few more pictures from Moab now that the blogging gods are happy. We are still trying to figure out what to do with ourselves now that we are back in Denver. Jesse is off school until graduation in May and we find out next week where we will be spending the next three years.

We just want to eat him sometimes.

Jesse's brother Clint, number 3150, cheering on the cheerleaders near the end of the race. The guy in the bandana apparently has a man-crush on Jesse.

High-stepping with mamacita and g-pa Neil.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our annual Moab trip. Jesse's family has been going to Moab every March for about the past 25 years as somebody in the family usually runs the half marathon. This year it was his brother Clint, who shattered his personal record and is the epitomy of fitness. Besides cheering on the runners, we had a good time dragging Main Street and hiking to some of the arches. Lindy's mom, Kris, was also able to come this year again. She actually was in Denver for a few days prior to the road trip and gave us some free babysitting so that we could go to the show Stomp! and the movie Vantage Point (2 stars). Thanks Kris! We will have to post some more pictures later because the blogging gods aren't letting us put more on right now.
Taking a little breather after a grueling hike to the Windows. He insisted on walking the whole way up and down.
Another grueling hike- this one to Delicate Arch.

Our favorite circus act at the arch.

Dead sexy family.

Finn enjoying the kiddie pool at the hotel in Glenwood Springs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another exciting week in Denver

This seems to be our daily routine. We have been going to the zoo when the weather is nice just to get out of the house and Finn loves walking around and seeing the animals. And then it is nap time. Later in the evening Finn will play with his toys and then it is time for bed again. And the cylce continues...We are a pretty happening bunch!!!
We met our friends the Mawhinney's at the zoo. And their little boy Josh is so cute. He just wanted to hold Finn's hand.

Josh and Finn in the wagon

The boys... Mark, Josh, Finn and Jesse

Finn taking a nap on all of our pillows. It was pretty cute.

Finn playing with his new marble madness toy.

Look at that sweet and innocent face... YA RIGHT!!!! He has mom wrapped around his little finger

In his pajamas getting ready to go to bed.

Crazy hair.

I went to check on Finn one more time before I went to bed and this is how he fell asleep so I had to take a picture and then I had to move him. My paranoid self couldn't leave him sleeping in that position. I was afraid his arm would fall off or something to that extreme!