Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where does time go?

I really can't believe how fast time goes, especially during the holidays.  Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit.  I was in charge of Thanksgiving at my house this year and this almost sent me straight to the loony bin.  Everything turned out great in the end and we all survived.  Finn has been loving preschool and he loves his teacher Miss Jennie.  She is wonderful.  He is such a good kid and I still have moments where I want to make him sluff school so he can just stay home and hang out with his mom.  Lark is getting so sassy these days.  Her personality is starting to show and I can't tell if it is going to be fun or if I am going to be in trouble.  She is so sweet and she loves her brother.  She can dance, she says a few words, and she is the best baby ever....good thing she is our last!  Christmas has come and gone and we are now in a new year.  December was a crazy month.  Jesse was back on call and picking up extra E.R. shifts so it seemed as though he was never home.  He was on call for Christmas so we celebrated early at our house on the 23rd and it was the greatest thing ever.  We stayed in our pajamas all day and Finn was able to play with his new toys and we didn't leave the house or have to go anywhere.  Christmas was a different story.  I was by myself with the kids and having to go to all the different houses to do our visiting was a little hard but well worth it.  My kids are healthy and happy.  I have an amazing husband who spoiled me rotten and I couldn't be happier.  I did just hit the big 30 on my birthday and other than I can barely move after I have shoveled snow and the loss of bladder control every once in a while, I am feeling good.  That is all for now!

I always have to put in one sleeping baby picture on my posts because I love them!
Finn trying to be just like his daddy, on the phone
and not having a clue.

A little love.

Handsome little devil...

Lark playing outside in the cold

Finn setting up the tree.

We did make it down to Temple Square this year with the grandparents and it was lovely.  Amazingly, we didn't lose any kids or adults.  We couldn't take many pictures because Lark wasn't feeling real great and any time spent setting up a picture is time that Finn has to wander off.  We lasted about one hour.

Looking best from the behind.

The only place we didn't feel claustrophobic.
The annual Angus Christmas.  Finn not so sure about Santa but pleased that he
got his message across.
Lark managed well for a first-time Santa meeting.

Christmas morning on the 23rd, the first time
Santa visited.
How people look when wildest dreams come true.
I love this picture of Lark.  She is a funny gal.
One of Lark's many new funny faces.
This is her "cheese face."  Way attractive.

Jesse showing off his new toy.  Good Santa!
Finn wondering where the rest of his presents are.
Doing what she does best, pestering Finn.
She loves to love him too though.
The Christmas family picture, 2010.

See Finn?

Lark as the little angel at the Spencer family
Christmas Eve party.

Finn the wiseman.
Girl's got booty, booty, booty!
Maggie and Lark.
All the kiddies in their matching jammies from G-ma Becky.
All the kids showing off their bottom flaps.

Christmas, take two, this time on the 25th.  We spent the night with Neil and
Becky and turns out Santa found the kiddies there too.

Papa Neil and Finn trying to figure out Spidey.

Larky and her cheese face again.

Well, hope you all had a great holiday season and are going to have the best year ever.