Saturday, May 17, 2008

Killing Time

The last couple of weeks cruised by. It is weird thinking that we only have two weeks left in Denver. Everyday has been pretty much the same lately. We kick off the mornings watching the Wiggles with Finn, talk about starting to pack, forget about starting to pack, find a way to get out of the house, worry about moving, watch crappy evening television, then go to sleep. Somewhere in there, Jesse has squeezed in the last few days of medical school and we have managed to eat way more than we should. Here are a few pictures of us killing time.

"Take me to your leader!"

At the zoo.

This is the batch of strawberries Lindy threw together for her last of the weekly "The Bachelor" and "Dancing With the Stars" parties. She has some ladies get together every Monday and they all squeel about the dancers and the loose ladies on the worst show on television, The Bachelor. May we all sleep better knowing that the most dramatic rose ceremony in bachelor history ended in true love once again.

This is Finn bright and early in the morning. As you may be able to tell, he is waking in his parents' bed. If you have any advice for our parenting skills, go eat a fart.

Jesse turned 29 on April 29th, his golden birthday. He celebrated the day by waking up early and going on a 29 mile bike ride. He came home to a lit up slab of German pancakes that were quite delicious. He milked the golden birthday thing for a whole week and was spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Unfortunately for him, the golden birthday thing eventually wore off and now it is back to being the grubby little grunt that he is.

Finn with Blake, his buddy who is 4 months younger than him. Finn had his 18 month appointment a few days ago and we are happy to report that he is now a whopping (drumroll-tttt-ttt-tttt-ttt-tttt-t-t-t) 19 pounds. 19 HUGE pounds! What a little squirt.

Finn with his potential future wife, Maddi. Sadly, these two may have to struggle with a long term relationship because we have been unsuccessful at talking anybody in to moving to Ogden with us. People think that just because they have jobs and family elsewhere, they can't move to O-town. Ridiculous.

Lest you think that life is all roses, here is our little booger's new favorite thing- the totally fake whiney fit. To add sound effect to the picture above, let out all your breath except for the last 10%. Push the last bit out as fast and as hard as you can, with a touch of a high pitch. This is awesome.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebrity look-alikes

We saw this while we were blog-hopping and thought it was pretty funny so we did it ourselves. Go to and follow the links to see who you look like the most.

Jesse's look-alikes:

It was a little weird for Jesse to see that he matched best with Ms. Flockhart, but he is coming to terms with it and is even thinking of changing his last name to McBeal. We don't know of any actual relation to Herbert Spencer but Jesse is envious of his sideburns. All in all, this was a pretty sad list and a kick to the face for Jesse. What little self-respect he had is now gone.

Lindy's look-alikes:

Lindy is nothing but hot! What more can be said?