Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two kids, too many...

Little Lark is five weeks old today. It has been a little crazy getting used to life as four. For all of you out there with five+ in the family, find comfort in knowing that we have been praying lots for you. This seems like it would be mission impossible.

The long and skinny about Lark and the NICU: She didn't ever need surgery and we spent only a few days at Primary's. Since coming home, the "holy crap" factor has hit and we are struggling with a newborn, just the normal stuff. Turns out, we are probably not as good at newborns as many of you. We are learning to live with that fact. We are happy just to be home and that we have a healthy little squirt- so blessed.

She has been a joy and a delight. Finn is slowly getting over his jealousy. He has always been nice to "baby sister and Lark", but has given his 'rents some heartburn.

Would write more but things are crazy. Will let the pics do the talking:

Taken a couple weeks ago.


Halloween teaser.

Finn's first fishing trip-- this pond is a mile from our house and it was the first time we had gone. Totally awesome.

We caught two fishies.

Taken this morning.

Just wanna eat her!

Also taken this morning-- Frosty is a little scary.

The best part of snow-- eating it.

Had to take some inside. Mmm...