Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun Times.

I wish that I had a good excuse for just now posting our 4th of July Pictures, but the truth is.. I (Lindy) am a lousy blogger. I feel like the only spare time I have is to check out others blogs instead of updating my own. So these will have to do until next month! As a update, we are still alive in Ogden. Jesse is busy being a Doctor and Finn is keeping his mom company and entertained on a daily basis. So all is well!

This is a little video of Finn. I never knew that the word shoes could sound so cute!

For the 4th of July the Spencer's threw their annual party and they rented a blow up house for the kids, which was a major success. Good job Grandma and Grandpa!

Finn couldn't get enough. He loved it

Finn showing off his mad bouncing skills!

Our little runt acting so tough!

This is Finn with Ava. I wish that these two could get married but since she is his cousin that would just be sick and wrong. But we think Ava is the cutest little thing ever! And they play so cute together.

Jesse's family threw him a little surprise party as a Congratulations for Graduating. We celebrated at the bowling alley with the whole family. This was Finn's first time bowling and he loved it. I think that since his height and weight might be an issue for some sports maybe he could take up bowling!

My brother and his family came over to hang out and this is Finn and Kennedy reading some books.

Braxton and Jesse playing some X-box

Finn loving his m&m's

I got this little car blow up toy for Finn so that when we went swimming he could play with it in the pool. Well, Finn insisted on playing with it in the tub... so I guess what ever makes them happy right?!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Settled In

We are officially out of boxes and enjoying our new home. It is the first time in our six years of marriage that we haven't had to share walls with anyone so this is huge. It is so nice not to be woken up in the middle of the night to music or to hear someone go pee and flush the toilet. This last month has been great! We have been spending every weekend at some family event of some sort or at a "getting to know you" thing for Jesse's residency program. It is so nice to be close to family again and Finn has been loving playing with all of his cousins. Jesse started his first official day of residency and has begun to play Doctor, which is crazy. He is freaking out but I know that he will be just fine. There are a total of six residents and all of them including their spouses are so incredibly nice and normal. We have been spending a lot of time together this past week and it has been lots of fun getting to know them and their families and know that Jesse will be in good company on those long hours. Here are a few pictures of what our last three weeks have entailed!
Jesse decided to be adventurous and climb a mountain by himself. I feared for his life, but he did return home safe and sound and said it was a nice get away to clear his head

He's crazy
What a mountain man!

I bought this little kiddie pool for our yard and Finn loves it. He was so funny and cute.

This is Finn's new "cheese" face
Finn having his little before bedtime snack. Lay's Baked potato chips. Yummy!

It is South Ogden days, so we decided to go to the Carnival and let Finn try the carousel for the first time. I think that Jesse was enjoying it way more than Finn

Finn started to scream so they had to stop the ride early, but then he cried when he was off because he wanted to get back on. He is just never satisfied!

We went to a park with Jesse's fellow residents to enjoy some music, junk food and fire works.

Some of Jesse's fellow residents and their cute families

We went down to Jesse's brothers house to celebrate Jesse's moms Birthday

Jesse's mom Becky and cute sister in-law Jodi

Finn doing his cheese face once again!

Finn enjoying some M & M's

All cleaned up !