Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have promised a few ladies that I would post a belly picture, so beware of fat lady pictures below! I also had to throw this video of Finn Diego in there. He is just so funny these days and I almost pee my pants every time I watch it. For those of you who know Finn, know how he loves his High School Musical. This is him singing and dancing to a HSM3 video on the computer! He is pretty freaking cute if you ask me!

I just thought that this picture is cute. Jesse and Finn just hanging out watching some t.v.

Sorry for the bare belly shot....but this is me at 21 weeks

Jesse, his Dad and brothers decided to do a bike ride for Neil's (Jesse's Dad) 60th birthday. They went from West Jordan to Crystal Hot Springs. Craziness if you ask me. I took my time and drove in the car to meet them up there. That is the way to go!

Finn loves to swim. We (well Aunt Jodi..thank you !) introduced him to floaties and he loves them. He won't let us touch him in the pool and he will yell "self" at us meaning he wants to swim by himself. It is pretty cute to watch. He is a good little swimmer. But this is Jesse and Finn swimming in the Hot springs. It may look like the lady to the left is not wearing a top but it is a swim suit required place I promise!

This is Lindy and her belly at week 24. This is baby girls room. This is the new dresser that we got from a consignment shop. The lazy boy chair is from my sweetest husband for our 7 year Anniversary. I love it. And if you notice the bumper pad in the crib. My wonderful Mother in law, made it for me. It is all coming together!

Lindy and Finners hanging out in the chair

The very talented Finn Diego!