Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hark, our Lark.

Many of you know, many probably don't, but baby girl Lark Carolin made her grand appearance on Sept 22. Essentially, we went to the doc and he told us that we could walk across the hall and have the baby right then if we wanted. Lindy jumped all over it and a few hours later she was here. Lindy did totally awesome and is the unofficial spokewoman for epidurals. At any rate, our girls were perfect.

Lark weighed in at 5.13, was 20 inches long, and we fell hard quickly for her.

Finn Diego holding the little package for the first time. He was totally loving it and was so good at trying to keep her little bobbing head up.

Here she is sporting the "U" hat, content as ever.

Things were going really well for the first little bit and we were so excited to move this party home and get on with life as a foursome. Life threw a nasty curve. Lark was acting a little weird, not eating, no poopy, had a weird little gag. Lots of little things led to an admission to the NICU and a couple quick studies had the team thinking that she needed bowel surgery because her piping was connected right. This is a gigantic kick in the face, then in the gut, then a ninja-jab to the heart. Really, it was chilling news and we, for all intensive purposes, completely lost it. Lark was taken to Primary Childrens' for emergency surgery to put her piping together. The next couple hours were completely numbing, we had to wait to talk to the surgeons at Primary to find out more. Life threw another curve. We took our time getting down to Salt Lake, picked up Finn, made tons of phone calls, freaked and fretted about what was going to happen. We were about in Bountiful when we got a call from a nurse at Primary's who told us that Lark was being assessed by the doctors there when she let out a big poop. There has never been better news given, ever. As I write now, we are on day two in the NICU at Primary. Lark is by far the healthiest babe on the floor and we really couldn't feel more blessed that things worked out this way. She continues to poop like crazy and as soon as long as she starts eating a little better, we should be out of here soon. She does not need any surgery and has evaded any invasive testing. She is a sweet, peaceful, and happy little bird. The thought is that she had a little memrane blocking things and she pushed past it after an IV gave her the juice she needed to do so. Life's curves teach many things and we discovered a lot about ourselves, our family, and our friends. Things happen so fast and we would have totally crumbled if it weren't for our good friends and family. "Thanks" doesn't do it justice.

Bows replaced by an IV but still serene.

Turns out, when you don't eat and don't poop, your bilirubin goes up to and you get to do some baking.

Again, we are totally tickled with the new one. The roller coaster seems to be slowing and we feel that Lark's poop was more than luck. Thanks again for all the kindness and love that you have all shown. She scared a lot of you and for that, Lark is sorry. We will hopefully be home soon and we would love for you all to meet our pooping Lark shortly.