Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dancing with Dan Zanes

Finn has turned into quite the shaker. He can hardly sit still when there is any music. He especially likes Dan Zanes and the following is his latest, greatest moves. You should be warned that it gets a little repititious- lots of going around in circles but entertaining nonetheless. We are hoping to see his uncles soon (who grew up in the 80's) so that they can teach him how to breakdance and wear fake gold chains and clip-on earings from Grannie Becky's closet. Rad.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, the holidays, and the hangover, are over. We hope you all had a good one. We were able to go back to Utah to see family and friends. It was a little crazy but good to see everybody nonetheless. We stuffed bags of luggage but as is our style, forgot the cameras. Ah poop. Jesse is done with his interviews and now we are trying to figure out which program/place is going to work best for us. The match day is still months away (mid-March) but we know that we will be leaving Denver for sure come June-time. Here are a few pictures from other cameras over the holidays:
What a cute scene. The whole bunch acting out their parts from the scriptures for the Christmas program at the Spencer house.
Finn as a shepherd boy, stealing the pink necklace that the wise men brought.

Lindy blowing out her birthday candles with a little help from the boys. There were way too few candles.

Our new favorite toy, giant monkeys in a barrel.
This is the whole group shot of all the kids with Santa at Granny Angus' house