Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our new casa

We have been procrasti-blogging lately because we were in Utah for the past couple weeks looking for some new diggs. We had the complete experience. We spent a few days looking at rentals, a few days looking at places to buy, and then a few more days looking at places to rent. In the end, we decided to rent and are really excited about the place we found.

It is really close to the hospital and should work out well for us. Here are a few of our favorite things about the place:

---This will be the very first time in our marriage that we won't be sharing any walls, floors, or ceilings with any neighbors. We are very much looking forward to having marital spouts at increased volume now that we aren't afraid of the neighbors calling the cops on us.

---We met one of our neighbors and she seemed normal. She looks like she might be the type of person that will send a few freshly-baked cookies our way for no reason.

---The house has a couple of spare rooms so you are all invited to spend a night (or few) at the new Chateau-le-Spencer in beautiful South Ogden. Your stay will include a breakfast of a selection of the finest cold cereals, entertainment by Finn, and perhaps some fresh cookies made by the nice neighbor lady.

---A back yard for the boy. As you can also see, there will be plenty of opportunities to spy on the neighbors. As you can't see from the picture, there is also a garden plot, a big patio, and a waterfall with a hot tub. Nothing beats a dip in the hot tub with fresh veggies to munch on as you soak.

---There is a sink with a drinking fountain in the garage. This was the selling point for Jesse. He has dreamed of having a drinking fountain in his house forever.

---There are two big family rooms (total of three in the house) that we have absolutely no furniture for. Lindy sees this as a positive because she wants to buy more furniture. Jesse sees this as an opportunity for a dance floor to work on his break dancing and another room dedicated to a foosball table or a go-crazy-room for Finn.

---It ain't all good though. The kitchen has fleshy-pink coutertops and the place needs some cleaning love. Hopefully the cleaning will be done by the time that we move but we are pretty much stuck with the fleshy-pink, yum!

As you can see, we are tickled fleshy-pink about the place and are glad that the house-hunting is finally over.

We did other stuff in Utah besides look at houses. We did a lot of Wii golfing, a ton of eating good food, some biking, Finn played with lots of cousins, some watching cousins play soccer, playing fetch with Neil's dogs, watching our sister-in-law run the Salt Lake half marathon, watching Rachel's dance company perform their spring show, watched "Baby Mama", and a bunch of other stuff. As usual, we took no pictures of those things.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I decided to do a post to clarify a few things! Those of you who know Finn, know that he is a little bit of a runt for his age. (But a dang cute runt!) And because he is completely off the charts in every way we had to take him to Children's Hospital last week for some tests. These tests were to make sure that he small due to genetics rather than some type of disease. Everything came back just fine and he is indeed small due to genetics. But looking at his parents we aren't exactly giants or anything. So I decided to go through some of my pictures when I was Finn's age and I hope that it clarifies that my sweet little boy just might take after his mom. (Poor kid!!!)

Our sweet little boy

This is Lindy at Finn's age

For some reason I think that Finn looks just like Lindy in this picture... What do you think?

This is Lindy when she was a Sunbeam at church. I think that I might have these other girls beat on being the shortest in class. Dang genetics!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's April!

Here are a few pictures from the last week. Nothing too terribly exciting is happening here in Denver although we did get together with some friends for dinner and of course I am lame and I can never remember to bring my camera. Other than Jesse playing an April fool's joke on me by putting toothpaste in my straw so when I decided to take a drink of my delicious diet coke I was surprised with a disgusting minty paste... What a sweet husband I have. I guess it could have been worse! And that was our week. We are thinking of driving to Utah sometime in the next week to go house hunting and that is all that is in the works for now.

Finn in his Easter outfit.

Finn got this Easter basket from the Mawhinney's Grandparents. They invited us over for Easter dinner and she had a little egg scavenger hunt for Finn and Josh . Each of them received a little basket which had a toy car, animal crackers and a few other cute treats in it. It was the sweetest and cutest thing ever. And Finn absolutely loved it.

I attempted to be crafty and met with some friends to make "pillowcase dresses" and baby hair bows. And no... this dress is not an announcement of any kind. I made it for a friend who just a little girl!

Finn loves to talk to his Grandmas on the phone and he thinks that is either extremely funny or a complete tragedy when I try to take it back. In this instance it was funny.

He must be concentrating on the question!

He is so good at multi tasking! He can play with his toys and talk on the phone at the same time. He's got mom beat!