Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some Family Photos

Our lovely friends the Deans took these pictures for us this fall. They were taken here in Denver at Cherry Creek Park. The last picture is their little boy Eddison. Him and Finn are quite the little pals... And I hope it stays that way. Eddison is almost a month younger than Finn and Finn is the runt as you can see. We're hoping Eddison will protect him when they grow up!

First time meeting Santa

Jesse was down in Fort Collins interviewing for residency on Thursday so I thought it would be fun to have Finn's picture taken with Santa and surprise Jesse when he got home. I am not sure if Finn liked Santa or not. He was either tired or terrified but he didn't cry until the very end when mom bent down to look at the pictures on the computer screen and Finn bawled his eyes out on Santa's lap. But the picture turned out pretty cute!. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interviews and Holidays...

A quick note to let you know that we are alive and well. I am sure that the mass amount of people who read this have all been worried sick. Jesse has had interviews over the past few weeks and we have been visiting family in between. It has been crazy and we are only about half done. We took a total of zero pictures over the past month (although the camera and video camera were lugged along with us on our road trip) so here are a couple of somewhat-oldie-but-goodies:

Tough guys wear dino pajama tops.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Couple of Firsts

Finn had his first Trunk-or-Treat this past month as well as his very first birthday! Crazy that it has already been one year. He is loving this little walker/car thing and used it to make the rounds for candy. Luckily, he doesn't understand the whole Halloween thing so wasn't too upset when we didn't let anybody give him treats. Grandma Kris was in town to help out over the weekend and party with us. She did a great job of spoiling Finn (and us) and she was a good sport about Finn waking her up in the mornings by crawling on her face. Finn's 1st birthday went well. We will post some video of the cake event later. He got lots of fun stuff that makes lot of fun noises. We can't seem to get all the music out of our heads- The Learning Guitar song, the Farmer Tad and His Banjo Song, the car noises, Mowing Grass song, etc.....


Grandma Kris

We got the gorilla to smile, but Finn was too distracted.

The booty.

Getting ready to trash the place.

Josh teaching Finn how to open presents.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Killing time on the Internet is one of our favorite pastimes. This was a promo for the Simpsons Movie and was quite the rage many months ago. As usual, we are behind the times so we just got to it. Here is the link if you are interested:

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here are a few pictures from the recent Rockies game. This town has gone bonkers over the Rockies lately and going to the playoff game was incredible. World Series tickets go onsale tomorrow- wish me luck!

Before the game just outside Coors Field.

Just before the game got started. We sat on the purple row-the mile high row.

The flag and smoke from the fireworks. This is about the time that the temperature dropped 20 degrees in 10 minutes.

This is a picture of Finn's bum in Boulder, getting a fresh diaper in front of the courthouse.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Finn's First Halloween Costume

This is Finn's second Halloween, but because he was in the NICU when he was born this is technically his first official Halloween where he is all dressed up!
Finn was so fun to watch as he was getting his pictures taken.
They turned out pretty dang cute!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So far, October has been quite the exciting month. Lindy's Grandpa Adams came into town for the weekend and then Jesse's parents visited the next. It was nice to spend time with family and catch-up. We did a lot of eating and planning where to eat next. The other thing that is going on is the crazy Rockies. Jesse has totally caught the fever and can't get enough baseball. We were able to go to the NLDS playoff game last weekend and had a crazy, electric time. Here are a few pictures of the visitors and such. We will have to get some pictures from the Rockies game posted later.
Finn playing dress-up in his little blue bear outfit.
Lindy and G-pa at Annie's Cafe, a local favorite.
The boys at the cafe. Jesse had just seen his refill of Diet Pepsi coming and was very excited.
Great Granda Adams with the runt.
Sitting around, watching football, watching Finn, and planning our next eating excursion.
Finn in his room. This is the innocent look he gives before going to play in the garbage or crawling for the toilet.
The boy in his toys.
Grandpa Neil and Finn enjoying time in front of the courthouse in Boulder. It was a typical day there- rain and sunshine. There was a live band playing and some very entertaining dancing by some of the local hippies.
Neil and Becky after visiting the candy shop in Boulder.
Finn cruising the streets of Boulder again.

Last shot from Boulder- watch out ladies!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beach Baby

Here is a little clip from the beach. Finn had a good time although you will see some whine-ese at the end of the clip. It is just under two minutes long. The music is not very fitting but I am tired and out of time. Enjoy and viva la beach!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A day in the life of Finn

Finn Playing in his room!
Finn crawling around every where. Finn is such a good little boy. He is always so happy and loves to just play and hang out.

Helping mom on the Computer

His new front teeth!

Finn and Horacio at the Park. Horacio is 5. He lives across the street from us and we see him at the park almost everyday. Horacio is such a cute little boy. He was burying Finn's feet in the sand and Finn thought that it was so funny.
This is Mark and Jenny's little boy Josh. He is so cute and so smart. He is always on the go.

Finn and Josh playing on the swings

This is at the park right behind our house

This is pretty much what we do on a daily basis. We play around, crawl on the floor and end the day by going to the park. It is a rough life.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Golden Onion Days and L.A.

We were able to go back to Utah for the big Payson Golden Onion Days celebration and family reunion. It was wild times as usual and we were well taken care of. Lindy's team won the golf tourney this year but she was most excited about driving the golf cart for half a day. Jesse then had to go to L.A. to take a test so we figured we would just make a little vacation out of it. Our good friends, the Manleys, live in Redondo Beach nearby so we spent a few days with them as our tourguides. It was an absolute non-stop party. We will let the pictures do the talking:

This is Finn's first trip to the grotto up Payson canyon. The water was a little cold and he wasn't so sure about going in.

This is Finn playing airplane with Uncle Dan. Finn got plenty of attention during the trip and is overall a pretty social dude.

Finn at the park for the last Sunday band concert of the year.

Crawling in front of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. We let him roam freely hoping that he would get "discovered", put in a movie or two, and pay for his parents' early retirement. Not this trip...

Here is the boy and, if you look closely with a little imagination, the Hollywood sign in the background. Yeehaw.

Still in Hollywood at the Harry Potter shrine.

The ladies drooling over Matt Damon. That is Lindy with Melissa and her stinking-cute daughter Maggie.

Here is Lindy feeding Finn on a grassy area at Hermosa Beach. He was obviously really enjoying his formula (or maybe just the beach scene).

Here we are at Manhattan Beach. We had an awesome day with the Manleys doing the whole beach thing- getting crushed by waves, boogie-boarding, basking in the sun, eating fish tacos, and people watching.

This is still Manhattan Beach with the whole crew.

Finn at the airport, scoping the scene for babes.

Here is a slideshow of many of the other pictures that we took. We will hopefully get some video on soon of Finn's first beach experience. He loved it.