Friday, November 13, 2009

This year's Harvest

Well our little Lark is almost eight weeks and she is as cute as ever. She is such a good baby other than the first week of her life, which we will remind her later how very naughty she was! She is a complete joy. She is starting to smile all the time and do her cute little noises. It is still a miracle to Lindy every time she poops and is a momentous occasion. Finn is the sweetest big brother ever. He kisses her all day long and tries to be so helpful (tries is the key word). Sometimes he rocks her a little to rough and when he gives her her pacifier I don't know if it is helping or making her cry worse. But he loves her and it is so sweet to see. We also celebrated Finn's 3rd birthday. It is crazy that our little boy is growing up. He is spoiled rotten and is getting cuter and more fun by the day. Life is good. It is still a total adjustment trying to balance and take care of two kids, but all in all life is great.

Our sweet little pumpkin. These are the pumpkins that we grew out of our very own garden. Hence the title of this post!

Finn giving Lark kisses.

Grandma Kris came up to see the kids in their Halloween costumes.


Finn trick or treating at our house!

Finn on the morning of his birthday.

We celebrated Finn's birthday dinner with our dear Anderson friends.
(Ann is holding baby Lark)

Finn blowing out his candle.

Opening presents from his cousins.

Finn and his cute cousin Tate.

More birthday fun and Grandma Kris's house.

Finn's new favorite thing is Spider-man if you can't tell!

My very cute Grandpa and baby Lark.

Finn got this Handy Manny workbench for his birthday and it was a big hit. He saw it on the Disney channel and would ask for it for his birthday every time he saw it. Lindy thinks it was worth every penny. Jesse would beg to differ!

Our sweet little girl.