Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moving on...

Just a couple of little itty-bitty minor things have happened since our last post. Jesse graduated medical school, we packed up our little Denver house, took a killer drive through beautiful Wyoming, and have moved into our new little South Ogden house. Besides that, not much has gone on.

Graduation was nice and we had a few family members and friends come in for the big celebration. Jesse is now the proud owner of a very expensive piece of paper known as his medical degree. He is totally freaked out about not going to school anymore. Being a student is much easier than actually working and having responsibility. That stuff is scary.

Here he is in his dork-hat and dress-thing. Graduation garb has never been his favorite thing.

After the ceremony. That green thing around his neck is called a "hood". They do a weird hooding ceremony and it is just more weirdness to add to the graduation clothing.

With Mark after the graduation. He will be in Salt Lake for a surgery residency so there were no tears of goodbye at graduation. We took a picture with the ladies of our lives, but it didn't turn out too good so we will just have to settle for a shout out to them.

The graduation party then went to Senor Rita's for some greasy Mexican food. Jesse will miss this place for their fish tacos. Lindy will not miss this place at all. It was fun having everybody out. We hit downtown Denver, ate too much, went to a Rockies game (Granny Angus is now 80 and has done loads of things but this was her first MLB game), and had a good time catching up with everybody. We really appreciated having everybody show their support and spoiling us rotten as always.

Obviously, the worst part of moving was leaving friends that we have made over the years. This is the Tobler clan on "Bachelor Night". Michael was nice enough to come along with April so that Jesse had somebody to mock the show with. Anyhow, leaving friends is never easy and we had a rough week saying goodbye to the Toblers and others. Luckily, many of them are staying in Colorado so they aren't too far away.

This is Finn's final stroll around the old Denver place. He loves putting his little stuffed critters in his stroller and taking them for a walk.

Finn was a huge help packing, if crawling in empty boxes that are ready to get packed is considered helping. We thought about closing this one up and sending it to China but then we remembered that we like him most of the time and we are going to need somebody to take care of us when we start pooping our pants again in our old age.

This is Finn's new bedroom. It looks a lot like the old one. Hopefully it will be a little more magical and he will actually sleep in it.

Finn giving the new couch a rub down just before bedtime. Our graduation gift to ourselves was this couch, of which you get to see a whole lot of. It is also a gift for our anniversary, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Flag Day, etc... The rug was a steal from Lowes that covers up a few "blemishes" on the carpet from the last people who lived here. As a sidenote, we would like to encourage the world to get rid of white carpet. Please join us in this cause.

We like this picture just because of Finn's hair. For some reason, Lindy always makes it wild just before his bedtime.

Here is a picture of the new place. It is nice and open on the main level.

Lindy's favorite place in the house- the crafting nook. Stay tuned for some amazing projects.

Finn's favorite room- the ball room. Not a dancing ballroom, a playing ball room. Although, because pretty much anything goes in this room, if you wanted to dance, you could. Finn loves this place and just runs around in circles, howling like a dog.