Monday, November 14, 2011

Ondelay mama!

Instead of killing an entire night mocking Dancers With the Stars, Jesse decided to spend the night putting together a few pictures of the recent shenanigans in addition to the mocking.  We are settling in just fine here in Richfield.  Jesse is really liking his job, still getting into the groove.  It has made it easy working with great people.  Lindy likes the town as well, is meeting some really great Richfieldians, and is finally just about over her withdrawals from Costa Vida.  Surprisingly, the mall-withdrawal is not nearly as bad as she expected.  Finn calls this place a "village" for some reason, is liking pre-school a lot, and loves being outside way more often than we ever have been.  Lark is, for the most part, apathetic and would be just as ornery here, in Ogden, in Denver, Tahiti, pretty much anywhere.  We've been busy.  Here are a few of the latest:

Lark doing some riding in the front yard.  We believe the average age in Richfield when kids start riding bikes with two wheels is 2.5.  We have been failing as parents.

A little hike up Bullion Canyon in Marysvale.  Lark is a good hiker... for about two minutes.

Finn with Bullion Falls in the background.

Little Larky turned 2 in September.  Got lots of stuff, is loving on Barbies and anything pink.

All smiles after her third or fourth second birthday party.  Bet you had to read that twice, perhaps thrice, maybe fourice.

We went to a lovely wedding at Bear Lake for Lindy's cousin Brandee and her squeeze Christian.  They threw a great party and we are so excited for them.

Larky dancing the night away at the wedding party.

Claiming the punkin at the patch here in Richfield.  This is always so much fun.

The lovely ladies and their pumpkins.

Everyone knows that loving on your pumpkin will make less guts to clean out and clean cuts on the Jacko.
Lugging.  Do work girl.

Somehow, Lindy talked Jesse into going to Disneyland in October.  He has been resisting this for a long time.  He finally caved after it was agreed to spend half the time at a beach.  Things were arranged and G-mas Kris and Becky as well as G-pa Neil were able to come.  It was a ton of fun, pretty magical, and a total surprise for Finn on his 5th birthday.

We want these stools.

Sporting the mousey ears, taking a little rest from the magical craziness.

Since Disney in October, Finn and Lark absolutely love Jack and The Nightmare Before Christmas.  We have watched it almost daily for the past two weeks.

Goofy and the pumpkin Disney characters.

Best use of overpriced kid's meal ever.

Lark could have stayed with Minnie all day.

Wish we could have recorded the conversation before this picture.  Jack and Finn kept talking about how weird it was that Lark and other girls like dolls and stuff like that.

The old people riding the coaster.  One wet him/her-self.  One had to take nitro.  The other didn't speak for two days.
This was funny.  Finn asked Mickey what he was going to be for Halloween and after some crazy charades and guessing by all, we figured he was going to be a vampire.

View from our beach/bluff house rental.  Jesse is actually one of those specks in the water doing some boogie boarding.  This is at Dana Point.

Beaching.  We couldn't find many shells so bought a couple buck's worth and spread them for Finn and Lark to find within the circle.  Best shell hunt ever and wildly successful.

Can you believe we found this on the beach?!

Celebrating Finn's 5th.  Put a lot of work into this cake.  Will hire out to arrange similar at a very small cost if anybody is interested.

We got home from the trip just in time to hit about 15 houses for trick-or-treating.  Here is G-ma Diane toting the little princess.

He couldn't stop saying "You want some of this?"  No way.
Well, once again, had to go through hundreds of pictures for the above.  We left a lot of good ones for long, cold, dark winter days and will break those out to cheer us up sometime.  Actually, we probably won't do that because we are lazy bloggers.  Party on party-people.