Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rockies n' Rollin'

Here are a few pictures from a recent Rockies game. It was Finn's second game and he really seems to like them, mostly for the good people watching. It was a tough night to beat- terrible pitching resulted in many runs for both teams, the sunset over the Rockies was one of the best we've seen here, and the hot dogs were especially fine. We also had a visit this week from some friends on their way to Knoxville to begin a pharmacy residency. We were finally able to meet their daughter and it was good to catch up with friends. This is Jenny and Josh, Finn's hommies...
Here is Finn and Lin with Allison and Ana. Last time we saw Allison, Ana was in the tummy.

To see a few more pictures from the game and from the visit, click on Coors Field below:


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Shelley said...

I love the cap on backwards picture and that sunset does look beautiful!! Glad you had fun at the game!