Thursday, October 11, 2007


So far, October has been quite the exciting month. Lindy's Grandpa Adams came into town for the weekend and then Jesse's parents visited the next. It was nice to spend time with family and catch-up. We did a lot of eating and planning where to eat next. The other thing that is going on is the crazy Rockies. Jesse has totally caught the fever and can't get enough baseball. We were able to go to the NLDS playoff game last weekend and had a crazy, electric time. Here are a few pictures of the visitors and such. We will have to get some pictures from the Rockies game posted later.
Finn playing dress-up in his little blue bear outfit.
Lindy and G-pa at Annie's Cafe, a local favorite.
The boys at the cafe. Jesse had just seen his refill of Diet Pepsi coming and was very excited.
Great Granda Adams with the runt.
Sitting around, watching football, watching Finn, and planning our next eating excursion.
Finn in his room. This is the innocent look he gives before going to play in the garbage or crawling for the toilet.
The boy in his toys.
Grandpa Neil and Finn enjoying time in front of the courthouse in Boulder. It was a typical day there- rain and sunshine. There was a live band playing and some very entertaining dancing by some of the local hippies.
Neil and Becky after visiting the candy shop in Boulder.
Finn cruising the streets of Boulder again.

Last shot from Boulder- watch out ladies!


ClinTeeny said...

It's fun to see Neil all decked out in his Rockies hat and hear that Jess is all dorked out on Rockies fever. What role models for Finn to look up to. Go Rockies!

Rachel said...

Ok.... how cute is little Finn Diego? I miss you guys and your baby is the cutes! Poky or bust!

Tyler said...

Jesse, diet Pepsi really??