Monday, March 3, 2008

Another exciting week in Denver

This seems to be our daily routine. We have been going to the zoo when the weather is nice just to get out of the house and Finn loves walking around and seeing the animals. And then it is nap time. Later in the evening Finn will play with his toys and then it is time for bed again. And the cylce continues...We are a pretty happening bunch!!!
We met our friends the Mawhinney's at the zoo. And their little boy Josh is so cute. He just wanted to hold Finn's hand.

Josh and Finn in the wagon

The boys... Mark, Josh, Finn and Jesse

Finn taking a nap on all of our pillows. It was pretty cute.

Finn playing with his new marble madness toy.

Look at that sweet and innocent face... YA RIGHT!!!! He has mom wrapped around his little finger

In his pajamas getting ready to go to bed.

Crazy hair.

I went to check on Finn one more time before I went to bed and this is how he fell asleep so I had to take a picture and then I had to move him. My paranoid self couldn't leave him sleeping in that position. I was afraid his arm would fall off or something to that extreme!


Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

all i have to say is you Spencers are the best baby makers EVER!He is to cute!

Jocelyn said...

Finn is so cute!!! He looks like he is growing up...he is not a baby anymore.

swalberg family said...

Seriously- put Finn in Gap ads! And the question about where you guys get his clothes wasn't rhetorical......I really want to know. (I think that's what rhetorical means?)

Mary and Charlie said...


It was good to hear from. When will you know if you are coming to Utah? I am waiting to hear back from the U about Graduate School. We are in Layton so if you move here we should get together. We are always up for anything. Take care.
Your boy has awesome hair.

The Porters said...
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The Porters said...

He's sleeping in his crib...alone?!?!? Good job! How come the weather isnt nice enough for the zoo when Im in town? We have to get together, I need YOU to teach ME the sewing tricks

Boswell Bunch said...

Great to hear from you and see your beautiful family...Finn is definitely a handsome boy and Aspen would LOVE a date (when she is 30 - no dating until then). Hope we are able to catch up sooner than later! Give my best to your mom and bro!

Much love,

Jefferson & Fam!