Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's April!

Here are a few pictures from the last week. Nothing too terribly exciting is happening here in Denver although we did get together with some friends for dinner and of course I am lame and I can never remember to bring my camera. Other than Jesse playing an April fool's joke on me by putting toothpaste in my straw so when I decided to take a drink of my delicious diet coke I was surprised with a disgusting minty paste... What a sweet husband I have. I guess it could have been worse! And that was our week. We are thinking of driving to Utah sometime in the next week to go house hunting and that is all that is in the works for now.

Finn in his Easter outfit.

Finn got this Easter basket from the Mawhinney's Grandparents. They invited us over for Easter dinner and she had a little egg scavenger hunt for Finn and Josh . Each of them received a little basket which had a toy car, animal crackers and a few other cute treats in it. It was the sweetest and cutest thing ever. And Finn absolutely loved it.

I attempted to be crafty and met with some friends to make "pillowcase dresses" and baby hair bows. And no... this dress is not an announcement of any kind. I made it for a friend who just a little girl!

Finn loves to talk to his Grandmas on the phone and he thinks that is either extremely funny or a complete tragedy when I try to take it back. In this instance it was funny.

He must be concentrating on the question!

He is so good at multi tasking! He can play with his toys and talk on the phone at the same time. He's got mom beat!


The Porters said...

I was so excited to get online this morning, click on the Spencers blog and see a new post! I love Finn, okay, I love the Spencer family period!! You guys are awesome. Lindy, I love your crafty little dress, it is adorable! You will have to tell me what she thought of it, it was so fun crafting with you, we will definitely have to do it again. Jesse....toothpaste?!?! Sick. I bet thats ONE coke that he didnt try to steal from you.
Sure do love you guys and am so sad that you are going to Utah to hunt for homes, we are really going to miss you guys! RoAd TrIp!!!

Hiatt Family said...

Cute! Cute! Scott and I want to know if Jesse put the dress on Finn for fun. Scott would have totally done it.

Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

ok so you guys are to cute and great job on the prank Jesse! Good luck looking for a new pad,hopefully i'll see you before then though. Lindy- sweet job on the dress! I love the fabric you chose it's so cute!

Chambers Family said...

I love him... that sweater was totally worth it! We missed you guys this weekend
love you

ClinTeeny said...

I wish kids came with a pause button. Next thing you know he'll be calling chicks on that same phone.

Just a thought... said...

Hey Lindy,

You are lucky, my little grandkids don't last long on the phone. But we have finally found a great alternative, the webcam! You guys need to get one too. They are super cheap 30-40 bucks. Actually Walmart has one for $14!) Then you down load Skypes for free and you can talk/see/hear anyone else who has it -anywhere in the world! You could even talk to Eric in Iraq!

We have skypes but I still need to hook up our web cam. It is soooo cool! Mike and Jess have one so I can see and hear them but I have to type my answers to them. I've gotta get that web cam up and running. Get one then call ME!!!

Love you guys!

Aunt Kathy (in case you couldn't tell!) I should invite you to read my blog. It's too lame for anyone but family to read!!!

The Birch Family said...

THe dress turned out awesome! I'm sure she loved it! And I love all the cute pics you've put up... Finn is such a darling little guy!