Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun Times.

I wish that I had a good excuse for just now posting our 4th of July Pictures, but the truth is.. I (Lindy) am a lousy blogger. I feel like the only spare time I have is to check out others blogs instead of updating my own. So these will have to do until next month! As a update, we are still alive in Ogden. Jesse is busy being a Doctor and Finn is keeping his mom company and entertained on a daily basis. So all is well!

This is a little video of Finn. I never knew that the word shoes could sound so cute!

For the 4th of July the Spencer's threw their annual party and they rented a blow up house for the kids, which was a major success. Good job Grandma and Grandpa!

Finn couldn't get enough. He loved it

Finn showing off his mad bouncing skills!

Our little runt acting so tough!

This is Finn with Ava. I wish that these two could get married but since she is his cousin that would just be sick and wrong. But we think Ava is the cutest little thing ever! And they play so cute together.

Jesse's family threw him a little surprise party as a Congratulations for Graduating. We celebrated at the bowling alley with the whole family. This was Finn's first time bowling and he loved it. I think that since his height and weight might be an issue for some sports maybe he could take up bowling!

My brother and his family came over to hang out and this is Finn and Kennedy reading some books.

Braxton and Jesse playing some X-box

Finn loving his m&m's

I got this little car blow up toy for Finn so that when we went swimming he could play with it in the pool. Well, Finn insisted on playing with it in the tub... so I guess what ever makes them happy right?!


Chambers Family said...

That is great! You are the best mom to let him play with pool toys in the tub. Ava talks about Finn all the time....I guess it is time you come to POKY!

The Porters said...

Oh Lindy I miss you so much!!! Listening to my little Finn say Shoes is absolutely adorable, gosh I wanna squeeze him.

ClinTeeny said...

Love the little man in the car pic! You should let him try it out in the hot tub. Glad to hear you're surviving....Jesse too.

Just a thought... said...

Lindy your little man is sooo cute! All of the pictures were great. Thank you for posting them so we can keep in touch. The only thing more adorable than hearing Finn say shoes ...was hearing your precious Cinderella voice! You are both sooo cute! You may have to wait a bit to launch Finn's bowling career though. It almost looked like the ball was bigger than he is!

Shauna said...

Glad all is well in Utah! Finn is adorable and has the cutest little voice. I need to figure out how to post videos! They are so cute!

The Brinkerhoffs said...

Since Finn can't marry his cute cousin he can marry my Halli. I just think your little man is too cute. I just might think they are meant for each other since she says 'shoes' in the cutest way too. My husband always thinks I'm a little silly when I have her say it over and over. Good to know I'm not the only one who gets giddy over such a simple word. Watching that cute clip amkes me so excited to see you when we move up there.

Jim & Erin Joseph said...

I love, love, love that you put his blowup car in the tub! So cute! I'm pretty sure I would do the same thing!! :0)


The Johnson Fam said...

That kid is awesome. The car in the tub is sweet. Glad to see you made it back here to Utah. Take care.


Hiatt Family said...

I love it when they start talking. They sound so cute. That little blow up car is awesome. Sorry I missed seeing you all this weekend...maybe our next trip out.

Nicole Barnett said...

Finn is just too stinkin' adorable.

Amy said...

Finn is SO cute! Check out that cool car for the tub. Where did you get that thing?

Cella Family said...

Oh my gosh! I love the "Team Edward" thing! I can't wait to see what you do when the movie comes out! And Finn is SO cute! What a stud!