Monday, September 8, 2008

Onion Days didn't stink

For those of you who don't know, most of Jesse's extended family lives in Payson, Utah. Every year at Labor Day, the fine town of Payson throws a bash and both sides of Jesse's family get together for reunions over the weekend. It is always a wild and crazy time. This year was no different. We start the festivities with a golf tourney. Even though Lin's favorite part of the day is driving the cart and looking dead sexy, her team actually used a few of her drives this year. Sadly, her team took last place. Jesse's team was victorious mostly due to the other three people on his team. He stunk it up but had a good time was had by all nonetheless.

The goddess of golf.

The weekend then consists of hanging out at grannie's house, going to the parade, eating lots of good stuff, and going to the park and carnival for scones dirty roller coaster rides. Below are a few pics from the weekend. It is very sad, but we didn't take any pictures of any carnies.

This year there was a big water feature in grannie's backyard. We are getting fancier and fancier.

This is Finn with his cousin Maddox taking wagon rides down the hill.

Finndy on the annual hike to the grotto up Payson canyon.

Kaylee, another cousin, at the top of the grotto.

Sorry there aren't too many photos. We play too much and forget the camera. Below is a little clip of one of the newer traditions at grannie's- the annual dance party. For some unknown reason, ungraceful Jesse always has to help things get going. He would like everyone to know that the clips in this video are far from his finest. Finn is quite the dancer lately. We will have to get some video of his breakdancing moves on here soon. All the cousins are quite good on the dancefloor. We are a very happenin' bunch.


The Porters said...

Oh my goodness Spencers, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Yes, Lindy, you do look dead sexy on that golf cart, you should have stolen it and driven to Colorado though! Jesse and Finn, I love the dance moves, absolutely love them. I remember quite well your dance skills, as you taught Halle some awesome moves back in the day. Sure do love and miss you guys!

B and Jessica said...

Glad to see that you're still able to boogie...although Finn obviously steals the show. All the kids in the video are hilarious.

Oh, and tell Lindy that because of her last post I went and jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and read all 4 books in a week. Mmmmmm....Edward.

ClinTeeny said...

For some reason I can't get the video, but I can see it in my minds I think Doug is still recovering from your 'mad driving skills' on the golf cart. Oh and tell Finn, Long live McNuggets!!

Anonymous said...

Lindy, you are looking sexy as always. Unfortunately I couldn't get the video to work but man did stories of Jesse's dance moves take me back to the Bingham days. Jesse pretty much taught me how to boogie and man would we tear it up at the old Pipe Dream shows! I hope all is well in Ogden and w/Jesse playing doctor. Come back to Cali anytime.

- Jake M.

Just a thought... said...

I have to say I was surprised and quite impressed with the dance moves Jesse. You've been holding out on us! Finn as always looked great doing the bird dance. Lindy why weren't you out there grooving?

Aunt Kathy

Amy said...

I wish Brandon had moves like Jesse. My husband is the WHITEST guy dancer ever!!

Bust a move, Finn!

Shauna said...

This is Casey. Its always fun for you to get a first time comment from me knowing that we do not allow tree huggars on our blog. The deer will not haunt me but both of them will, because Shauna failed to let people know that I shot not one but 2 deer and could not find either. So in the future I would appreciate no tree huggar democratic comments. We are have a family blog. By the way your reunion looks fun.

Nicole Barnett said...

You party animals. That was fun you posted the video. We (the kids and I) enjoyed that. They want to watch it again! Colin said, "Wow, Mom, Jesse's a really good dancer, isn't he?"

Chambers Family said...

That was so fun. I swear I took only one picture. I am the worst. Lindy, you are the goddess of golf

Shauna said...

Ummm...not sure what Casey's talking about in his comment. Oh well at least he made a comment right! His first!!! :)

The Birch Family said...

Cute cute pics Lindy! I'm glad you are enjoying life!

Zac and Nic said...

Onion Days looks fantastically-awesomely fun!!