Friday, January 16, 2009

New year, New baby, New age.

It has been an eventful last few weeks. We went to Pocatello to go visit Jesse's sister Rachel who just had a beautiful little girl. It was so fun to get away for a day and hold a new baby. Finn had so much fun playing with his cousin Ava. She is such the little mother and would always keep Finn in take and tell him when it was nap time, time to eat, or take a bath. She is just too cute. Lindy's Dad and his wife came up from Richfield to celebrate a late Christmas, and while they were here we went sledding and enjoyed a nice dinner out at Iggy's. Lindy also turned 28..... and was spoiled rotten which also included 3 birthday parties. So it has been busy around here... but lots of fun.

I stole this off of Rachel's blog. But this is beautiful baby Maela

And the cute as always Ava... This was after her and Finn were jumping on the bed all morning!

Opening presents with Grandma and Grandpa Freeman, and also Jeff, Taisi, Braxton and Kennedy.

Finn's first sledding adventure

That is really Jesse with his traditional Christmas beard... which it is always my birthday wish for him to shave it right back off!

Finn and Grandpa Lee

Grandma and Grandpa Freeman

Finn getting pulled on his sled

My sweetest baby


These are random...but fun. This is Finn dancing to his favorite song "Low" by Flo Rida!

Showing off his mad break dancing moves!

This picture just makes me laugh.

This is a video of Finn doing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes!!


B and Jessica said...

Ha! I love the video! He totally knows where his nose is. I love the picture of Finn getting pulled on the sled.

swalberg family said...

Adam has a beard just like Jesse right now. I wish we could get them together for a picture. Is this what all boys (who can) do in the winter? This is a first for Adam... Little Finn just keeps getting cuter- and Rachel's baby is so sweet. I can't believe how much Ava looks exactly like her mommy!!

Jennifer Lee said...

This blog title is very deceiving...I thought you were pregnant!!!


I love seeing your Finn, he is too adorable!

Nicole Barnett said...

I'm with you on the facial hair, Lindy. Micah looked back at Jesse in church a few weeks ago and said, "Mom, why does Jesse look mad?" But that's funny it's a traditional 'Christmas' beard. I guess you've got a lot of hairy Christmases to look forward to. But that's alright as long as he gives you your birthday present!

Amy said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know...our blog is going to be deleted, so make sure to keep in touch through email or Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, you need one!

Hiatt Family said...

Looking good as always with that beard Jesse!!!! Finn sure is a cute kiddo!!!! I Love exclamation marks so here is some more!!!!!!!

Hiatt Family said...

Look at that cute little munchkin! His little voice is so cute and as a speech pathologist I must say that I am impressed with his words! WE have to slow Mason down to get him to talk. He's just TOO busy! Fun pictures! Wish our snow would stay snow and not ice so Mason could try out sledding!