Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alive and Ready to Move.....

We are still alive here in snowy Ogden...hence the phrase "ready to move" I am so sick of this stupid snow that I am ready to pack up and move to St. George. All is well with us, we are just (well Lindy) extremely lazy these days. We have done a few exciting things. We have been visiting family, went bowling with some friends, and we made a new baby!! So we will be adding a new addition to the family probably late September early October. My official due date is October 8th, but I am thinking September because I was three weeks early with Finn that I am kind of banking on going early with this one. We are all really excited and scared out of our minds at the same time. I am 12 weeks and counting down! Finn is talking more than ever and is starting to repeat everything we say... which is making me and Jesse have to watch our mouths a little bit more! Finn has been so fun and is such a good helper to his mommy. He has learned the word puke and gross really well because it seems that that is all I have been doing these past 12 weeks, but I do feel that I am on the up and up. I am a lazy terd these days and especially today when it is a blizzard outside, I just have no desire to move! Poor Jesse has been slaving away at work and is ready for a break. Thank goodness he will have a week off in April and will be celebrating his 30th Birthday. So all is well, and once again we are behind as always. Here are a few pictures of our going ons.

Lindy and Finn made a snowman from all this dang snow we have been getting

Finn loved his snowman. Every time we pulled out of the driveway he would say hi to him.

Finn seeing if the snowman would like to eat some snow!

Finn giving his snowman loves

Then Finn decided to taste his snowman and thought he was delicious!

Jesse felt left out of the fun and decided to make his own snowman when he got home from work.

We went bowling with our friends The Anderson's. Finn loves to go bowling and loves to hang out with he had a good night.

Dax and Finn being silly

Lindy and Finn bowling

Jesse and Finn bowling. Jesse was mush better at helping Finn than Lindy was.

My sexy boys!

Finn and Dax at the arcade after bowling.

We went with Jesse's mom and dad to a University of Utah basketball game, because Jesse's cute Grandma Angus was the Half time show. She dances with the Golden girls which are ladies 50 years and older. There is a lady who is 95 and does the splits after every performance. Can you say "Holy Crap"

Jesse Taking a picture of himself

Finn Loved it. He would get so excited when everyone would clap and cheer. And he would scream right along with the crowd.

Jesse's cute Grandma. She is the first one on the far left of the picture.

Our cute Finners

The actual pregnancy test!

Jesse's mom sent flowers as her congratulations to the new news.

Here is a picture of our newest little addition!! Pretty dang cute isn't it!


Cam & Chelle said...

Congrats Lindy! You guys make the cutest mini's! Miss you!

Michael and April said...

LINDY! I can't believe it! Congratulations! There must have been some cold nights there in Ogden...heh heh??:):) Just kidding. I'm so excited for you guys...hopefully you get a girl this time around...a mini Lindy! :) Congrats again! I'm totally going to have to call you!

Michael and April said...

Oh and you need to post some belly shots in the near future! :)

Porter Prodigies II said...

I am so glad you finally updated!! Im so sorry you are having such icky weather, you shoulda stayed here, its been beautiful. Congrats again on your little growing peanut, I cant wait till he/she arrives!!! Give your boys some lovins from us.

Kadee said...

Congrats Lindy!

Just a thought... said...

Lindy and Jesse congratulations, that is such awesome news!!! We are so excited for you. Finn is so cute. He will be a wonderful big brother to your new addition. The baby looks so big already, can't wait to hear if it will be a boy or girl. Good luck and feel good!

Grand Pooba said...

Awwwww! Congrats! That is so exciting!

Eddy and Tiffany said...

Congrats Lindy!

Shauna said...

Congratulations you two!!!

alisha said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys.

Our Family! said...

Congrats! I am excited for you guys...hopefully things get easier.

Nicole Barnett said...

Wow, I can't believe that's the baby you're growing! He (or she!) looks so developed already. It's surprising, I guess, because no one would guess you're even pregnant yet!! How fun. :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

OMG, LIN!!!! Congratulations!!! :)

PS - I'd feel like moving too. I got over the snow in high school and haven't looked back!

Spencer and Mandy said...

Hey Lindy! Congrats on the new baby! I'm so excited for you. I'm getting pretty sick of the snow too. It seems like it's never going to go away.

Melissa said...

We are so excited!! Congrats. Keep us posted and everything.

Jamie said...

Yeah! congrats guys that is really exiting!

Melissa said...

Congrats guys - that's great news! I hope all is well in O-Town. That was a great post....minus the ute bball game pics. Coulda done w/out those. :)

Tell Finn Uncle Jakey says hola.