Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The babes

Lark had her official two month appointment. She weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 8 ounces and we couldn't be happier. It is so nice to have a baby that likes to eat for a change! She is such a good baby and we are enjoying every minute of her. Finn had his first official hair cut, which was very exciting. Lindy usually attempts to cut his hair but it is quite the ordeal, so Lindy decided to take him to Cookie Cutters. Finn loved it until she started to cut his hair and then he got really quiet. Finn was very brave and held very still while the nice lady finished. He got his balloon and candy and got all teary eyed as soon as we got to the car and said that he had pokies all over. It broke Lindy's heart. As soon as we got home we changed Finn's shirt to get rid of the pokies and all was well. Other than that nothing new to report.

I love sleeping babies

Bathing beauties. Finn loves to take a tub with his baby sister. he is so sweet to her and will help me wash her. It is very cute.

Finn getting his hair cut. He is being so brave.

Watching the "Grinch"

He would stare at himself in the mirror, he was probably thinking what in the heck is this lady doing to me


Porter Prodigies II said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so dang cute (and a little sad) in that picture getting his hair cut. What a good boy!! I cant even get Maddi to sit that still for a haircut. Congrats on the poundage little Lark. Miss you guys like crazy!

Claydens said...

very cute! And is that a new diaper bag I see?? I want it!! How did you talk Jesse into it?! Miss you, call me back!

Tricia said...

How adorable those little cuties are. I also hate the pokies.

Chambers Family said...

CUTE PICS! I cant believe that is his first official hair cut. What a handsome guy. Lark is so adorable! Cant wait to snuggle her over CHristmas!

Neil and Becky's Business said...

What a sweet and brave Finn. He looks so grown up.... Makes me sad. See you soon