Friday, April 8, 2011


We just downloaded something like 700 pictures onto our computer.  We have put just a couple on the ole blog to prove that we are alive.  Things are wild as usual- kids running amuk every which way, Lindy (and sometimes Jesse) chasing the little buggers down and teaching them some new swears, the rigors of preschool and work, family weddings, blah, blah, blah...  Much like our lives, these pictures have no order.  So fasten up, its about to get crazy up in here.

Jesse at "work" at Snowbasin during the Dew Tour.  He was helping in the medical tent.
The boys took the kids to the pond as the gals in the fam were off for the weekend in Park City.

Lark leading the way, harassing the white ducks.

Uncle Clinty watching Lark, sharing some life wisdom.

More of the picnic at the pond.

Prior to the picnic, Jesse took the kids to the zoo.  There is no way for him to stay home with both kids by himself.  He would go ape.

Speaking of apes...

Best part of this is Lark's clown shoes.  Jesse forgot to bring any, had to stop in Salt Lake and this is all he could find.  Maybe she will fit in these next year.

The kids adding their own germs to the little petri dish ball-water stone at the zoo.

Getting our vacation on.  We went to Vegas by way of Cedar City on our way to a family wedding.  It was actually a great little getaway.

This is how Finn rolls on our vacations.  He gets the whole bed to himself.

Kennedy and Finn chugging down, taught well we think.

This was the highlight for Finn, a chance meeting with Red in the lobby.

Way cool, guy behind us was impressed with our camera I guess.

Larky was not impressed...

Jesse showing off his Vegas-stache.

Apparently we really liked pictures of the glasses things.

More M&Ms.

Getting revved up for the strip.
This was our favorite part of the trip.  The wedding was followed by dancing and Finn hit the floor hard.  Here is he wooing a preschool mama.

And here he is wooing a college mama.

Lark spent most the wedding in the hall, wrecking decorations...

...and getting into the liquor.

Some people like to go on vacation just for fun.  Not to be snooty or anything, but we prefer educational vacations, here teaching Finn the female anatomy.

Some casino with a crazy long escalator.  This saved us lots of money as we told Finn it was a ride so we didn't need to do anything else fun.

Strippin' at night with Kris and Jeff.

The closest we will ever get to the real Paris.

The Venetician.

This is Finn doing ninja moves by a boat.  This was a Chinese New Year exhibit.

This was our little dumpy hotel in Vegas with a not so bad view of the strip.

We were finally able to do Christmas with the Freemans, here with Gma Diane.

Christmas morning, take 5 or 6.
Field-tripping with the preschool.

Knocking down some pins, showing off to win the affection of his playmates.

Lots o'chesse.

Another field trip, this time to Hill Air Force Museum.

What a happy little astronaut.  Looks thrilled to be on the moon.

Another picture of "Kral", our name for crazy Lark.

Not ever going to take off the greens.

Mrs. Ann Anderson making dirty Valentine cookies.

Mr. Grumpy Pants, probably moping that we had to go home from bowling (see below).

Kral and Lindy.  Her eyes are actually red sometimes when she's nutso.

When your ball travels down the lane at a snail's pace, you sit down sometimes.  Then you celebrate sitting down too.

Taking in the bowling competition.

Finn and his bestie Dax.

Rolling at grannie's.  Lark likes the ride but her favorite part about the whole thing is the techno dance garbage that blazes from the car.

Kidz' in the hood.
Jesse's most proud mustache.


Allison J. said...

we miss you guys!!! (Rob & Allison)

Michael and April said...

Yay an update! I had to show Michael the pic of Jesse's stache! He was getting a kick out of it! We miss you guys! Come and visit!

Kathy said...

Loved your 'staches Jesse! Better keep a low profile with that hair cut though or the army might ship you off to Afghanistan with Eric. Hah! Awesome pictures. You guys are adorable!!!

Carissa said...

love it. the pictures of lark with the big eyes "kral" made me laugh out loud! so cute!

Neil and Becky's Business said...

Love the new pictures. Thanks for the update, since I have wondered how you have been spending these past several months...

Neil and Becky's Business said...

Fun new pictures. Its been a fun few months. Kids are growing too fast. Love you all.... I'm so glad you're close.

Neil and Becky's Business said...

So glad to see the new pictures. They're growing too fast. Love you all.....

Neil and Becky's Business said...

Wow, I've sent tons of comments... just was that they won't ve visible until you approve. No wonder I can't see them!!!

Nicole Barnett said...

You guys have been busy! The kids are getting big and are just as cute as ever. Lindy looks beautiful (love the hair). Jesse's it's always something with him! :)

Erin said...

LOVE IT! Your blogs are the best! They always make me laugh.