Monday, September 17, 2007

A day in the life of Finn

Finn Playing in his room!
Finn crawling around every where. Finn is such a good little boy. He is always so happy and loves to just play and hang out.

Helping mom on the Computer

His new front teeth!

Finn and Horacio at the Park. Horacio is 5. He lives across the street from us and we see him at the park almost everyday. Horacio is such a cute little boy. He was burying Finn's feet in the sand and Finn thought that it was so funny.
This is Mark and Jenny's little boy Josh. He is so cute and so smart. He is always on the go.

Finn and Josh playing on the swings

This is at the park right behind our house

This is pretty much what we do on a daily basis. We play around, crawl on the floor and end the day by going to the park. It is a rough life.


KMitchell said...

Looks like life is good! Your pics make me miss going to the parks there. We miss a lot about Denver. Enjoy it while you're there!

Shelley said...

Life is hard for kids! Sometimes I wish I had it that rough. I love Finn's hair by the way.

alisha said...

Your kid is the cutest.