Friday, September 14, 2007

Golden Onion Days and L.A.

We were able to go back to Utah for the big Payson Golden Onion Days celebration and family reunion. It was wild times as usual and we were well taken care of. Lindy's team won the golf tourney this year but she was most excited about driving the golf cart for half a day. Jesse then had to go to L.A. to take a test so we figured we would just make a little vacation out of it. Our good friends, the Manleys, live in Redondo Beach nearby so we spent a few days with them as our tourguides. It was an absolute non-stop party. We will let the pictures do the talking:

This is Finn's first trip to the grotto up Payson canyon. The water was a little cold and he wasn't so sure about going in.

This is Finn playing airplane with Uncle Dan. Finn got plenty of attention during the trip and is overall a pretty social dude.

Finn at the park for the last Sunday band concert of the year.

Crawling in front of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. We let him roam freely hoping that he would get "discovered", put in a movie or two, and pay for his parents' early retirement. Not this trip...

Here is the boy and, if you look closely with a little imagination, the Hollywood sign in the background. Yeehaw.

Still in Hollywood at the Harry Potter shrine.

The ladies drooling over Matt Damon. That is Lindy with Melissa and her stinking-cute daughter Maggie.

Here is Lindy feeding Finn on a grassy area at Hermosa Beach. He was obviously really enjoying his formula (or maybe just the beach scene).

Here we are at Manhattan Beach. We had an awesome day with the Manleys doing the whole beach thing- getting crushed by waves, boogie-boarding, basking in the sun, eating fish tacos, and people watching.

This is still Manhattan Beach with the whole crew.

Finn at the airport, scoping the scene for babes.

Here is a slideshow of many of the other pictures that we took. We will hopefully get some video on soon of Finn's first beach experience. He loved it.


clinteeny said...

Wow, totally envious of the beach trip. Finn will get the babes soon enough. We had a great time seeing you poops. Viva Onion Days!

Shelley said...

It looks like you guys had a blast on your trip. SO JEALOUS!! Hope Jesse did good on his test too!!