Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girls Weekend

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to finally post my trip. Jesse's mom decided to get all of us girls for Christmas a weekend get away. So she flew me home to Utah over Presidents' Day weekend and we drove to Park City and stayed there all weekend. It was me, Jesse's mom, his Grandma, his sister Rachel and his two sister in-laws Jodi, and Kjerstine. His Aunt Trina and her two daughters Christie and Stef, joined us in Park City for a wild and crazy weekend too. So it was a fun filled weekend that included shopping, movies, eating, a sewing project, shopping and more eating. I had such a great time. It was hard to be away from my baby for the first time but I think that Finn and Jesse had a blast with me gone! But a big thanks to Jesse's mom for a wonderful time.

Jesse's sister Rachel licking the icicle out our front door!
This is the front door to our condo behind this monstrous pile of snow and ice.

This is a volcano thing that is filled with a natural hot spring. You can walk inside and if you would like you can even go scuba diving or swimming in it for a small charge!
Jodi inside the cave.

The winter wonderland at the Homestead resort!

Jesse's cute Grandma

All of us ladies. Lindy, sister in-law Kjerstine, Jesse's mom Becky, Jesse's Grandma Fay, his sister Rachel and sister in-law Jodi. Aren't we just a hot bunch!

Spa day. Jesse's mom treated us to massages. It was lovely. Thank you Laramie! ( He was my masseuse.)

All of us ladies at lunch.

I didn't take to many pictures and I feel bad that I didn't take any pictures of Jesse's aunt and two cousins. Maybe when they send me pictures I will make a girls weekend continued. But this will have to do for now.


Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

LINDY! Yeah for your weekend! It looks so fun! You have the cutest in-laws,they look like they know how to have a good time!

The Porters said...

Looks like so much fun, Im jealous! A massage, food, sewing and fun with adult girls, I love it! Im so glad you had such a good time, so glad that Finn had a good time with his Daddy. Miss you guys like crazy!

Shauna said...

Boy am I jealous! Looks like you had a great time! Those icicles were a little out of control! Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing!

Shelley said...

I'm so jealous of the massages. But you deserved it! Glad it was fun!

Jen and Mark said...

Awesome weekend getaway. You deserved to be spoiled for a few days! Glad you had fun!

swalberg family said...

What a fun trip! I'll have to look into doing one like that..........I need it. Are you guys going to Moab next weekend with your family? They didn't draw my name for the race, so we aren't going this year. I'm really bummed!

Mary and Charlie said...


hey its Charlie Johnson. We went to school together, I dont know if you remember me. How is life? Your kid is cute. It was good to see what you have been up to.

Telisse and Kade said...

ok... so so so small world! Dave and Melissa Swenson! Yes I know them. They GOLF!!! and our building a gigantic way nice home. I know the builder really well. He is my golf partner in the a lot of the tournaments. Who would have thought I would end up here in Price. So close to Moab! love it! I love coaching! I am the sprinter coach here at Carbon. Your little boy is so cute! Georgous eyes! Kade is doing well he loves life and is very happy. Im adding you to my friends list.

The Birch Family said...

Cute cute pics! Looks like it was all fun!