Sunday, November 9, 2008

Behind as Usual

It seems like these last few weeks have just flown by. The last four days alone in October we had Finn’s Birthday party, Finn’s Birthday, My Grandpa’s Birthday party, Jesse’s Brother’s birthday party, Halloween and Jesse’s Sweet Grandpa Bus passed away.
Jesse’s Grandpa Bus was an amazing man and we are going to miss him a lot.
Here are some pictures from the past week and one of Buster from a little while ago.

Jesse and his cute Grandpa Buster

The Carving of the Pumpkins
Our stinkin' cute Finners

The Finished Product!... Pretty spooky

Happy Birthday Finn. Just waking up having his morning breakfast

Looks delicious right... Too bad he only ate one bite!

We decided to take a couple of Finn's friends to the Treehouse Museum for Finn's Birthday. This is Finn and Josh. Josh is exactly 3 months older than Finn and just goes to show how much of a runt our little Finn is!

Finn and his friend Dax playing on the fire truck

Dad home from work and getting to celebrate with Finn. Finn was licking the frosting off of the candles

Opening his farm From Grandma Kris
Lindy tyring to convince Finn that cupcakes really are edible!

Getting ready for Halloween. Finn just wanted to hold his costume instead of wear it. But at least he liked his Halloween pajamas.
At the trunk or treat! He was not very happy because I had to wake him up from his nap and then I wrestled with him for a minute to try and get him to wear his costume and as you can tell I was very unsuccessful

Jesse had to work on Halloween, so we went trick or treating at the Hospital. We got Finn to wear his costume for exactly one minute!
Walking around the hospital

Finn's Birthday Cake.

Finn trying out his new bike from Grandma Becky

Finn only ate a couple of the M & M's off the cake and that was it.

What a wild and crazy week. It was Clinty's birthday too.


Bre and Sean said...

You sure have been busy and we wish you all the best. We miss you! (as a side note, please send me an e-mail to so I can add you to our blog. I can't find your email!)

Nicole Barnett said...

Man! Not even M&M's can tempt him? WHAT is his weakness?? He's so adorable.

The Porters said...

Happy Birthday to the worlds cutest boy! Wish we could have celebrated with you, hugs and kisses! Im so sorry to hear about Gpa Buster, he was such a cutie. Sure do love and miss you all!

Just a thought... said...

Jesse we were sad to hear the news about your Grandpa Buster. I enjoyed hearing your fun stories about him. I know you will miss him. Happy Birthday Finn. Sabrina celebrated her 2nd birthday today too. Too bad I couldn't be to her party either! You will have to check out my blogs (yes two of them!!!) to see all of our latest happenings. I've become quite the blogger as of late! Love you guys.

Just a thought... said...

P.S. Lindy I hope you are feeling better and are over your cold by now. I took the plunge and got a flu AND cold vaccine this year! Ha! Take that you rotten germs sickness for me this winter! You can't be too careful when you work in a nursery with 27 kids!!! (ahem -this better work!)

Melissa said...


Looks like a fun halloween. Too bad the Finnster wouldn't wear his costume. At least he wasn't scared of his own shadow and everything else that moved like Maggie was. Geez! And I can't believe he's 2 already. Feliz Cumple Finnster! Glad to see he's still a runt and that Josh isn't the only one who's tiny and won't eat a thing. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa Jesse. It was great to see that pic of you at the hospital in your scrubs. Hope you guys are doing well. Send the mountains my love...

Later dudes,
Jake M.

Jared said...

I am glad you got Finn to wear his Halloween costume for a minute. It was long enough to get a picture. He looks so stinkin cute. Sorry to hear about Grandpa Buster. Janelle

Nyree said...

Your little Finn is too cute! Too bad we couldn't see more of his costume but at the rate he eats he still fit into it next year!! Miss you

Grand Pooba said...

Happy Birthday Finn. What a cutie.

Jen and Mark said...

Happy Birthday to cute Finn Diego! We had so much fun playing with you dudes at the Tree house! We will have to get together soon!