Monday, December 8, 2008

December is for lovers

A quicky to let you know we are still alive. Things are going well and somehow we have been busy but when we look back, we haven't been doing much. It makes you dizzy if you think about it for too long. Some fun things that we have done lately and took a total of zero pictures:
***We went caroling the other night with a bunch of people from Jesse's residency program. It was out of control but a lot of fun.
***We hit the Ogden City Christmas Village downtown O-town and managed to not get stabbed or robbed or anything. In fact, Jesse thinks this display may be a little better than Temple Square because they sell hot cocoa and there was a live band playing Christmas tunes- funk-style. Ogden is awesome.
***Lindy has seen "Twilight" twice. This could have been the highlight of her year.
***Jesse went with his parents to the "Messiah-sing-in" in Draper. He has missed this over the past few years as we have been in Denver. This is quite possibly the highlight of his year. This year he tried to sing tenor with Neil. He thinks they hit about 30% of the notes correctly. This is not bad, about average.
***Finn has been introduced to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and he is down with them.

It has been wild. Because blog posts are boring without pictures, here are a few for you to enjoy. This is a great idea when Christmas parties get a little boring. You flap your lips like you are making motorboat sounds and snap a picture. You can get some real winners sometimes. Below are the first four that we took. We suggest that you all try this and post your favorites sometime. Joy to the world-

It was amazing that Jesse's dentures didn't fall out.

Dougie-fresh flapping away with Ava mid-blink.

Lindy looks a little like a fish.

Rachel just looks like she is squeezing something out.

A little video of Finn that we took as we were just sitting here posting the pictures.


Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

You guys are probably the cutest family I know! Finn is awesome and he is talking great!Good Job MOM!

The Porters said...

I love your lip flapping pictures, what a great idea, you guys are hillarious. Good job on the songs Finn, such a cutie. Sure do miss you guys, youre coming to see me for Christmas right?!?!?!

B and Jessica said...

I know, it's crappy that we didn't stop in to visit when we were in Ogden. It was kind of a last minute trip but I thought of you while we were there and wondered what side of the tracks you lived on.

Nicole Barnett said...

That soda was about 1/2 the size of Finn! Good job tracking him with the camera! (He didn't make it easy.) Adorable song!

Just a thought... said...

I think everyone in the lip flapping pics looked like they were having an alergic reaction to shell fish or something and their lips were swelling up! Good thing you had a doctor in the house. Finn is sooo adorable. Wish we had him in our Nursery singing the snowman song! We miss you guys. Hey ...our soldier just arrived home yesterday. He'll be here until the 29th. Yeah!!! Our Russian missonary arrives home on Jan. 14th. Double yeah!!!!!!!

Tripp said...

Those pictures are awesome.

Tripp said...

Those pictures are awesome.