Thursday, May 20, 2010

San Diego

Jesse had a week off of work the end of April, so we decided that we needed to get out of town! We flew to San Diego to spend some nice quality family time. We invited the Grandparents to join in on the fun. Jesse's parents stayed the whole time and Lindy's mom stayed for a couple days. It was so nice to get away. Finn loved the beach. He loved having the waves chase him and running on the sand. He would go for walks every morning on the beach and could never get enough of it. One morning he ran for 1 mile straight on the sand, which caused him to have a hurt toe so he walked with a little limp and even that couldn't keep him away. We went to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, did some shopping, ate out a lot, it was great. Thank you Neil, Becky and Kris for a wonderful time. We are ready to go back. So it has been a month since we went and Finn still says that he wants to go back to the beach house and play on the beach. We might have to move to California!!

The white house with the blue railing is where we stayed. It was so nice to be right on the beach. We had a lovely view of the ocean and also some beach volleyball courts, which made for some great people watching!

Finn loving the ocean.

The Shark exhibit at Sea World. Finn thought that it was a little scary.

Finn and Daddy being sharks.

Grandma Becky and Papa Neil.

Waiting for Shamu!

Everyone but Jesse.

Our sweet little family with half of Grandma Kris!

The cutest little penguins ever!

Look at all those penguins.

Finn, Jesse and Grandpa Neil went to look at planes and boats while the ladies went shopping.

Finn's shark face by the shark plane

Finn is into dragons lately and had to have a picture with this dragon thing.

Enjoying a caramel apple. Delicious!

Our sweet little Lark and Grandma Becky.

Larky watching the boys on the beach.

Getting chased by waves.

Lark just taking it all in!

This is how Finn was the entire trip. He loved it.

Building sand castles.

Jesse being crazy by getting in the freezing cold water.

He is a sexy beast.

Lark and Papa Neil.

The San Diego Zoo. Lark has already had enough!

Finn and some giant Hippos

The Panda Bears are so amazing.

Our sweet babies.

This is my favorite picture of Finn at the beach.

Papa Neil and Grandma Becky enjoying the view from our house.

Neil and Jesse had to ride the roller coaster.

Finn wanted to go on a ride too!

Finn being so cool!

It was Jesse's 31st birthday while we were there. Happy Birthday babe!

How perfect is this for Jesse!!

The end of our lovely trip.

Lark had a blowout diaper so she got to have a bath in the sink.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I love that Lark's butt is way bigger than Finn's (if you can even see his!) Why do we ladies always get stuck with bigger bums.....

My sweet, sexy, little mama!

The babies taking a snooze on the couch. Finn rubs the edge of his blanket on his lips and he has done it ever since he was a baby. It is cute to watch.

Finn holding his sister.

Lark experiencing prunes for the first time.

I am not sure if she likes them or not.

Our little princess! Thanks for the cute bow Grandma Kris.


Kadee said...

Be careful...that's what did, went to San Diego and then moved there! Ha ha...10 years later and I'm still in California! :-)

Allison J. said...

We just got back from San Diego last week! Loved it!!!

Michael and April said...

How fun Lindy! I am so jealous! It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time! It was so fun looking at all your pictures! Lark is getting so big already! You can definitely tell she is a Spencer! Tell Jesse Happy Belated Birthday from us. I even had it written on our calendar too! We miss you guys! We keep saying we need to visit you guys again soon! Hopefully we can!

Shauna said...

Oh sounds like heaven! Loved all the pics! Glad you got to spend a whole week together!

Just a thought... said...

Great to hear from you guys again. Such sweet babies! Sooo cute!!!

Nicole Barnett said...

What a great trip! Looks like the weather was beautiful for you. I love the nudie pictures of the kids. Especially liked the one of Lark in the sink. Gotta love those blowouts. :)

jakemanley said...

You guys are a California Family if I've ever seen one! Looks like you had a great trip. SD is the best. And Happy B-Day old man. I just had my 31st as well. No fun getting old.

Shelley said...

What a fun vacation!! Wish I could go!