Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swim lessons, Summer, and Twilight Eclipse

I have no excuse why it has taken me so long to update...other than I am just plain lazy! Everything is going great in our household. Jesse is officially a 3rd year resident now and he has his first official interview next week. It is crazy after all these years of school, the time has almost come for us to actually have a plan on what we are going to do and where we will end up next. Finn is so fun. He is crazy. We put him in a two week swim lesson and he loved every second of it. He loves playing in the water and if he had it his way he would go swimming every day. I on the other hand did not like swim lessons one bit! Besides Finn sinking to the bottom of the pool on the first day, it is a lot of work getting ready for and then cleaning up. I am a sissy though. Right now Finn is obsessed with anything Toy Story. He goes around shouting his imaginary laser at things and he says the funniest things sometimes. I am so lucky that I can be with him all day everyday. My world is going to be turned upside down when he starts pre-school this September. I am going to be a freaking mess! Larky girl is getting so big. She has five going on six teeth. She is crawling around all over the place. She is climbing stairs (which is a nightmare!) and pulls herself up on anything she can grab a hold of, resulting in quite a few dings on her head as she loses her balance. She is such a happy and good baby, it has been a blessing. Lets see...anything new and exciting with me....NO! Maybe nothing other than the fact that I am a closet Twi-hard fan. My sweet, sweet husband surprised me with a Twi-fest party (after I moped and complained for a few days.) They had dancing and a bunch of other activities going on. Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in Eclipse, was there signing autographs for ONLY 20 bucks... which I had to pass on! It was exciting to see him there and he is quite the looker in real life! The party was from 7:00pm until 2:30am. We are party animals!! My mom, bless her heart, was nice enough to come and take care of our babies for us. I loved every second of it. Jesse saw a few work ladies there and was totally embarrassed by being there. He came up with the excuse that he was there for medical purposes in case anyone passed out or whatever! Then I went to see it again just a few hours later on a girls' night out with my mom, Jesse's mom, and two of my sister in-laws. If I could, I would probably see it at least three more times! In addition to the Twilight hoopla, have had a few get-togethers for birthday parties and reunions. Jesse had a two week rotation down in Nephi so the kids and I went down for a day to see him and we met some friends down there to see the Manti pageant. We just got together with family for the 4th of July and I am so lame I didn't take one picture. It was a great not-too-hot day. We are planning on a Colorado trip in two weeks with Jesse's family and I think that is the next exciting thing going on. Party on!!!

Finn in his first day of swim lessons. The little girl on the far right is his new friend Finley.

Finn swimming with his teacher.

Finn giving Larky some love.

Us girls decided to go get our finger nails and toes done.

Kennedy showing off her lovely nails!

All of us and the finished product


We went out to dinner with some friends and this is Dax and Finn acting like dragons.

At the Treehouse Museum

Sweet little Lark

Going bowling for family night

Finn being so strong and carrying his own ball...that probably weighs the same as him.

Our sweet babies. Finn lying in the crib with Lark.

Swimming at the pool in Nephi , pastey white.

At the Manti Pagent

This is Eli in the red. He is our friends' little boy.

Finn hanging out at the hotel room...with Lark just snoozing next to him.

Jesse's work ladies at the Twilight party

Jesse and Alice.

Jesse being naughty with Edward.

Charlie Bewley

Me and some random dude dressed up like a wolf pack member.

So happy and in love!

This is my little Lark and what she is constantly doing these days

Naughty, naughty

Showing off her new teeth

Finn finishing up his breakfast with a little diet coke....that's my boy!!!


B and Jessica said...

You guys are hilarious. I love the naughty picture with Edward.

Michael and April said...

Ha! I love all your pictures! You guys are great. I miss you. How long are you in CO for again? You should make a trip and come see us. :)

Claydens said...


Erin said...

Love the post! Lots of cute pics!!!

Nicole Barnett said...

Oh my gosh. Your Jesse is a crack up! You guys are so cute together. Micah had that same swim instructor. Aw, we miss so many things about the old neighborhood. How totally exciting Jesse's interviewing now! What a different world it will be once he's out of residency. Very, very exciting!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh you guys are so cute and hilarious!!